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Revolutionize Your Sales Process

Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

Unpredictable Sales Are Hurting Your Business

Without a defined sales process, your revenue can fluctuate unpredictably from one month to the next, leaving your business vulnerable.

New Business Depends on Top Performers

Relying on a handful of top performers, word-of-mouth referrals, and networking to drive new business is not a sustainable or scalable approach to growth.

Expensive Hires Who Don’t Deliver

You’ve spent good money on underperforming sales teams and agencies in the past. And they’ve left with nothing to show for your time and money.

You’re Heavily Reliant on Existing Clients

Your established account managers are stuck with managing existing clients and don’t have time to prospect for new clients.

Existing Workflow Prevents You From Delegating

Senior leaders are stuck in the sales process, making it hard to focus on getting new business, among other responsibilities.

No Scalable Way To Generate Revenue

You have no predictable and scalable way of generating outbound revenue, relying often on existing channels to bring new business in.

We Build Systems to Help Grow Your Business

DFY Lead Generation

Unlock optimal B2B results and fill your pipeline with qualified leads

Custom Sales Process

We create a custom sales process that’s proven to work for your business. Tried and tested for even the most complex B2B deals.

Immediate Pipeline Boost

We’ll implement our outbound lead generation strategy that is capable of increasing your direct sales in 6 weeks or less.

ROI Guarantee

We're so confident that we can generate results for your business if we decide to work with you we'll guarantee to generate an ROI within 90 days or work for free until we do.

The Hyperbound x Process


Our onboarding process is streamlined and efficient, getting you started in no time.

ICP Creation

We craft your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to get you meetings with your target market.

Data Extraction

We handpick and validate over 10000 qualified prospects for you based on your ICP.

Offer Formulation

We craft twelve optimal sales angles and do A/B testing to find what works best for your ICP

Systems Setup

We customize our proprietary systems so you can start leveraging them straightaway.

Campaign Launch

We launch 2 pilot campaigns to test different angles and pick the winning one


We optimize the winning campaign and craft a scaling strategy based on your revenue goals


We scale the campaigns (based on your goals and how much new business you can handle)

ROI Guarantee

We're so confident that we can generate results for your business, if we decide to work with you we'll guarantee to generate an ROI within 90 Days, or work for free until we do.

Are You Our Ideal Partner ?

Who We Work With

  • You run a B2B business

  • You do at least $1,000,000 in yearly revenue

  • You have the capacity to scale quickly

  • You did direct outreach before, but it didn’t bring the expected results

  • You need help in presenting your value proposition

  • You’re looking for predictable growth in your business

Who We Don't Work With

  • Your client’s lifetime value (CLTV) is <$10,000

  • You don’t have a defined sales cycle in place

  • You can’t provide well-defined goals and expectations on your side to set our KPIs

  • You expect instant deals instead of appointments with relevant decision-makers

  • You’re looking for a short-term solution, instead of a long-term partnership

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of results can I expect?

Our clients who already have an offer and a defined sales process in place will on average see 10+ booked meetings every month.


Do you work on commission-only?

There is a fee for our services which varies depending on your exact needs. However, in general, we operate on an initial setup fee that covers tech costs, market research, data extraction, dedicated employees, CRM, automations, and more.Once the setup phase is complete (2-3 weeks), we operate entirely on performance.


Can you apply your process across any industry?

Our process is industry-agnostic, but to maximize the benefits of our service your average deal size should be more than 10K.


How many prospects do you reach out to each month?

This depends on how big your target market is and how quickly you’d like to see results, however, for the majority of our clients, we reach out to 3,000 - 10,000 prospects per month.


Which countries can you target?

We have the ability to target companies and prospects globally, however, our core focus is English-speaking countries. On a case-by-case basis, we can also do multi-lingual campaigns.


How quickly will I see results?

You will see a significant increase in the pipeline in less than 6 weeks. Top-line revenue growth will depend on your sales cycle.

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